Welcome to the Graduate Program

The Political Science department at SFU offers both MA and PhD programs in an environment that encourages intellectual growth. Our faculty members have diverse research interests and strong links across Canada and internationally helping to create an active research community in the department. Our commitment to teaching and high faculty-to-student ratio ensure that small seminars are the norm and that graduate students work closely with faculty members.

SFU has been recognized as one of the best comprehensive universities in Canada by successive reviews in the annual Maclean’s University ranking of universities. This reflects our high ratings on research grants and awards, new library acquisitions, the caliber of our students, and SFU’s excellent reputation across the county.

“We welcome applications from prospective graduate students with a background in Political Science or a related field. We welcome domestic as well as foreign students.  As a department, we are dedicated to analytically driven, evidence-based research that facilitates effective decision-making among policy-makers, the public sector, civil society organizations, and businesses. This collective strength is built on empirically grounded research drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data. If you have any questions, just send us an email, and we'll be happy to respond.” 
-- Mark Pickup, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair, Political Science, SFU

Graduate Program Chair:

Mark Pickup
AQ 6039
E-mail: pol_gradchair@sfu.ca
Telephone: 778-782-8640

Graduate Program Assistant:  

Tahiya Zaman
AQ 6072
Email: polgrad@sfu.ca
Telephone: 778-782-5487
*First point of contact for admission and general graduate program inquiries