Developing a Career Path with us

"When I talk to students, I don't ask them what they want to be but instead what problem they wish to solve."
                                                                                                                                                                - Jaime Casap

The amount of opportunities millennials take tends to correlate with the amount of opportunities that will be offered to them in the future. Looking for ways to make yourself employable whilst studying at SFU can be done with assistance. Luckily, Political Science covers a burgeoning range of academic fields and industries which can inspire students to gain skills and map out their goals in life. 

Below you will find ways in which on and off campus opportunities can benefit where you take your degree post-graduation. You can also find external information on why taking these opportunities is beneficial. In addition, you can arrange an appointment with our Academic Advisor who can discuss your options with you. 

Taking a broad range of courses can expand your career path. Certain Learning Tracks may also allow you to focus on a specific area of Political Science which interests you, thus helping you create a career path from it.

Undertaking one or more co-op terms as part of your degree can offer you experience in the working world and potentially the preferred sector you wish to work in.

Clubs, societies or campus chapters of organizations are not only a great way of meeting people but a way of gaining practical skills in your desired field and developing your leadership potential.  Clubs relating closely with areas studied in Political Sciences include: Model NATO, Model UN, Political Science Student Union and others.

Opportunities such as the BC Legislative internship or other posts in public affairs can supplement your degree with first hand experience. Don't forget to check out our Internship Portal which has updates on various summer, undergraduate and graduate internships.

Studying in another country can be an academically and culturally invigorating experience, allowing you to return to SFU with a new mindset and with soft skills that will assist your future employability.