Postdoctoral Scholars

Gert Jan Geertjes (Visiting PhD Candidate)

Gert Jan Geertjes is a visiting PhD student at the Department of Political Science of Simon Fraser University during the fall of 2018. His PhD thesis concerns the role of constitutional conventions in the Dutch constitution from a comparative perspective. At SFU, he will be mainly studying Canadian constitutional conventions, which provide an important source of inspiration for his research. 

Gert Jan is a PhD candidate and junior lecturer at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Leiden University. Gert Jan holds law degrees from the University of Groningen (Legal Research Master, 2012) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LLM, 2013). After his graduation, he joined the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Leiden University as a junior lecturer and research associate (2013-2015). In September 2015, he started his PhD research at the same department.

Claire Peacock

Claire Peacock received her DPhil (PhD) in International Relations from the University of Oxford in August 2018. Claire's research focuses on understanding the rationales behind and the design and outcomes associated with international cooperation, ranging from regulatory cooperation to treaty making. Her dissertation research explored why states include labour and human rights regulation in international trade agreements. Claire's postdoctoral research (co-based at SFU andUniversit√© Laval) looks at the design and consequences of withdrawal provisions in international environmental agreements. During her post-doc, she will also be completing a project that maps and assesses the structure of offshore financial networks.  

Claire is also interested in the application of data science methods to international relations data and works in R and Python. She enjoys teaching IR students the fundamentals of working with data and about evidence-based decision making and research.