Front: (left to right) Akum Sidhu, Prof. Eline de Rooij Back: (left to right) Laura Thomson, Natasa Arezina, Julie Astley, Carl Dick, Michael Lenko, Christopher Burritt, Calder Newson, Lyle Whitfield


2022 honours presentations are up

April 22, 2022

The Department of Political Science congratulates its honours students, who presented their thesis presentations on April 13th, 2022. The student presenters and their topics were as follows:

1. Michael Lenko: "Talking Heads: Forecasting Russian Aggression in 'Frozen' Separatist Conflicts"

2. Christopher Burritt: "Against Reality: Dissecting Claims that Vaccine Mandates Violate Charter Rights"

3. Calder Newson: "Legitimizing Hate? Political Hate Speech and Support for Radical Right Parties"

4. Julie Astley: "The First Line of Defence: How the Surrey School District Supports Youth Using Illicit Substances"

5. Laura Thomson: "Online Searching and COVID-19: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviours"

6. Carl Dick: "Democratic Backsliding, Populism, and the Working Class"

7. Natasa Arezina: "Roma in Serbia: 2017 Onwards"

8. Akum Sidhu: "Acculturation, Gender Role Attitudes, and Attitudes towards Violence Against Women"

9. Lyle Whitfield: "Conflict in the DR Congo: Lessons from the M23 Rebellion"

Check out the video of the presentations below.