Research Engagement, Directed Studies, and/or Honours 

Students who are interested in completing the PSYC 393 Research Engagement course, the PSYC 493-494-495 Directed Studies course, or the honours program under the advisement of Dr. Peplak, are required to have either: 

(1) had a prior class with Dr. Peplak, or

(2) have volunteered at the Grow to Care Lab for at least one semester. 

Some exceptions may apply.

Please email Dr. Peplak the following information at least 2 months prior to the application deadline for the above-mentioned opportunities:

  • (if applicable) Indicate which courses you took with Dr. Peplak (provide the course number and semester in which you took it),
  • Describe why are you interested in the opportunity,  
  • Provide your CV/resume and unofficial transcript.

For current lab members, please provide the number of months and hours worked at the lab.  

Letters of Recommendation

Students who seek a letter of recommendation for a career opportunity and/or graduate school must follow the below guidelines.


You may only request a letter of reference if, in the last 3 years, you have either:

(1) worked as a Research Assistant at the Grow to Care Lab with Dr. Peplak for at least one year,

(2) completed either the Research Engagement, Directed Studies courses, or Honours program under her advisement, or

(3) took a class and had regular and substantive interactions with Dr. Peplak throughout the semester. 

*The reference letters will not be provided if the last interaction with Dr. Peplak happened more than 3 years ago.*

Required Materials
Please email Dr. Peplak the following materials:

  • In the body of your email, provide a list of schools, the specific programs to which you are applying, the potential supervisor (if relevant), and the application deadlines
  • Indicate whether you took a course with Dr. Peplak, including the course number and semester
  • Unofficial undergraduate transcripts from all institutions you attended 
  • Resume or CV, including your name, email, dates you worked in lab, specific activities, and immediate supervisors (make sure you include the month/year of start and finish dates of all activities)
  • (for graduate school applications) Statement of purpose 


  • All of your materials should be delivered to Dr. Peplak no later than ONE MONTH prior to the first application deadline
  • You may send two reminders, via email, that your letters are due within 7-10 days and then due within 1-3 days

Sending Letters
Dr. Peplak prefers to send letters directly to the schools themselves to preserve confidentiality.