Here, we share news about our accomplishments and the achievements of children in our community who are affiliated with the Grow to Care Lab. 

April 2024

Dr. Peplak received the Psychology Department Research Grant for her project entitled: "A Qualitative Exploration of Adolescents’ Anger in The Moral Domain"!

Dr. Peplak will explore the ways in which anger may fuel adolescents' civic engagement.


April 2024

Dr. Peplak, alongside her colleagues from Psychology and Health Science, received the Breaking Barriers Interdisciplinary Grant entitled "Understanding Experiences and Promoting Wellbeing Among Adolescents Forcibly Displaced Through Climate Change".

Dr. Peplak and her colleagues will work with youth in the community to better understand how climate displacement has affected youths' health and wellbeing. Congratulations, Dr. Peplak!

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April 2024

Research assistant Liam McCloskey was awarded the APA SUPER Fellowship!

Liam was one of 25 students awarded this fellowship supported by APA science Directorate. The purpose of this proram is to expand laboratory training and mentorship opportunities to students committed to psychology research and to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Congratulations, Liam, and thank you APA for this opportunity!

March 2024

Dr. Peplak and Dr. Carpendale were awarded the SSHRC Small Explore Research Grant for their project entitled "Children's Critical Thinking and Moral Responses to Digital Content"

Drs. Peplak and Carpendale will examine how children think, feel, and make decisions when interacting with online content. The goal of this project is to develop recommendations and strategies that parents, teachers, and policy makers can use to foster responsible online interactions alongst children and youth. 


March 2024

Research assistants Cahleigh Kalbfleisch and Angel Leung were awarded the Jean Pettifor and Dick Pettifor Fund!

This fund honors the contributions of the late Dr. Jean Pettifor, a woman recognized around the world as a leader in the field of psychology, and known for her work on professional ethics. 

The achievement showcases the excellence of our team, and are are grateful that our work has been recognized. Thank you Strong Minds Strong Kids Psychology Canada, and congratulations Angel and Cahleigh!

December 2023

Dr. Peplak's niece, Aveya, received the peacemaking award at school!

"Aveya is a kind and compassionate student with a gentle heart. She consistently makes an effort to treat others with respect no matter the situation. Aveya shows empathy by thinking outside of herself. She tires to understand why others may act the way they do. She brings peace to her classmates by modeling inclusiveness, kindness, and forgiveness."

The work we do at our lab aims to foster kindness and peacemaking in schools, and we love seeing kindness being recognized by teachers. 

Way to go, Aveya!