SFU Refugee Programs

In response to the world’s refugee crisis, and Canada’s commitment to resettling refugees, SFU has taken several steps to undertake a multi-pronged approach to support refugees in British Columbia. SFU engages the refugee community in a variety of ways, including through research, scholarships and support services to refugee students, and through community initiatives and programs related to refugee and newcomer support and settlement.

SFU recently established a Refugee Working Group to develop, coordinate and implement the University’s refugee-related engagement and support. The Refugee Working Group (RWG) provides advice, connections and information on refugee students, community engagement and research.

The Group is comprised of staff, faculty, and students from across the Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses. There are currently 18 members on the Refugee Working Group, including two student members. 

The Refugee Working Group also partners with external stakeholders, including settlement workers, service providers and Local Immigration Plans (LIPs) to strengthen coordination and communication as well as to create and implement complementary programs and initiatives.

If you have any questions, or are interested in getting in touch with the Refugee Working Group, please email: sfui_refugee@sfu.ca

Refugee Working Group Committee Members

  • Sarah Bollozos, Director (Acting), International Community Engagement, SFU International
  • Tony Botelho, Director, Career Services & Volunteer Services
  • Nav Chima, Community Programs & Partnerships (SFU Surrey) 
  • Stephen Dooley (Co-chair), Executive Director, SFU Surrey
  • Andisheh Fard (Coordinator), Coordinator, Refugee Program, SFU International
  • Samir Gandesha, Director, Institute for the Humanities
  • Carolyn Hanna, Director, International Services for Students
  • Kurt Heinrich, Director, University Communications
  • Am Johal, Director of Community Engagement, SFU Woodward’s
  • Nancy Johnston (Co-chair), Executive Director, Student Affairs
  • Sharalyn Jordan, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
  • Kris Kuruneri, Student
  • Louise Legris, Director, Admissions
  • Nathalie Lozano Neira, Coordinator, Refugee and New Canadian Support Programs, International Services for Students
  • Ayan Mohamud Ismail, Student
  • Catherine Murray, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs & Enrolment Management,
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Shaheen Nanji (Co-chair), Executive Director (Acting), SFU International
  • Tim Rahilly, Vice-Provost & AVP, Students & International