I am always looking for enthusiastic researchers to join my group. Please email me at ccopelan@sfu.ca with an attached CV, and a short description of your research interests and goals. Please note that while I welcome and appreciate all who get in touch, I may only contact those that I feel are a good fit to the available research positions.

Funded PhD Opportunity!

Exciting opportunity to pursue a PhD at the School of Sustainable Energy at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. The PhD will be funded by a MITACS award in collaboration with UK company, Domin Fluid Power. The project will require close collaboration with the industrial sponsor including international travel (COVID restrictions permitting). The research project will address the significant inefficiencies that exist within hydraulic systems by designing, modelling and testing a new type of hydraulic machine that can supply flow more efficiently and reclaim braking energy. Keys to this innovation will be two-fold. First, it will rely on the step change in speed and power density of direct-drive, valve technology from the industrial partner Domin. Second, it will make use of the design freedom inherent in metal additive manufacturing to enhance efficiency through flow optimization and tighter component integration. Note: due to the restriction from the funding body, only candidates that are Canadian or permanent residents of Canada are eligible.

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