Transportation Systems Lab

Vehicle-Track Measurement System Development and Testing

Electrical, electronic, and mechanical prototyping, assembly, integration and testing workbenches enable the development of advanced, novel systems for in-situ measurement of vehicle-track and wheel-rail phenomena.

Sample Analysis and Characterization

A complete suite of metallographic sample preparation and analysis tools including sample cutting, mouting, grinding & polishing, inverted microscopy, and microhardness testing.  Taken in combination with SFU's 4D Labs facility, the Vehicle Track Interactoin research group has access to a comprehensive collection of world class instruments for materials testing, scanning, and composition analysis.

Field Measurement System Calibration

Custom developed fixtures and systems enable the precise calibration verificaiton and testing of field measurement systems (e.g. wheel and rail profilometers), as well as operator training and hands-on education in wheel-rail interaction. 

Modeling and Simulation

Wheel-Rail Contact

The CONTACT library for Matlab is used for in-depth analysis and simulation of complex wheel-rail contact conditions in practical railway settings. 

Vehicle-Track Interaction

Universal Mechanism is used for multi-body dynamic simulation of vehicle-track interaction and longitudinal train dynamics in railway systems. 

Field Measurement Systems

Wheel-Rail Profile and Vehicle-Track Geometry 

Greenwood Engineering TwinHead Wheel and Rail Miniprof BT instruments are used for precise in-field measurement of wheel and rail profiles, wheelset spacing, and track geometry.  This enables advanced vehicle-track interaction modelling and simulation, as well as assessments of wheel-rail contact conditions (e.g. equivalent conicity studies).