André Gerolymatos

Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, Professor

Office: AQ 6190
Telephone: 778-782-5597


Research Interests:

Political & Social History of Modern Greece; Diplomatic History & International Relations

Course Offerings Spring 2014

IS/HS 409: Espionage: History, Novels, and Films

Honours and Awards

2011 Hellenic Republic Order of the Phoenix  Officer or Gold Cross ('Χρυσούς Σταυρός')

2010 As an Olympic ambassador, was honoured to run with the Olympic flame for the 2010 Games

2010 AHEPA Achievement Award in Education at the 88th Annual Convention, Montreal

2010 American Hellenic Professional Society and the CSUS Hellenic Studies program Certificate of Appreciation


André Gerolymatos is professor of History and Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University (2011). Professor Gerolymatos also holds the Hellenic Canadian Congress of B.C. Chair of Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University (1996 -). He graduated from Loyola College and Concordia University with a B.A. Honours in Classics. While at McGill University, he completed his M.A. in Classics and subsequently was awarded his Doctorate in History. His recent books include: The Balkan Wars: (Basic Books, 2002), Red Acropolis Black Terror The Greek Civil War And The Origins of Soviet-American Rivalry, 1943-1949 (Basic Books 2004), Castles Made Of Sand: A Century of Anglo-American Espionage And Intervention In The Middle East (St. Martin’s Press, 2010). A specialist in military and diplomatic history, Dr. Gerolymatos serves as a member of the Canadian Advisory Council on National Security. He is also a member of the board of the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation (U.S.A.).

Publications (Books)

Guerrilla Warfare and Espionage in Greece 1940-1944, Pella Publishing Company, New York 1992.

Guerrilla Warfare and Espionage in Greece 1940-1944, Pella Publishing Company, New York 1992.


In 2013, Dr. André Gerolymatos spoke on a monthly basis to local Vancouver groups, including several chapters of the PROBUS Club, the Vancouver Women’s Discussion Group, and the Regeneration Group. Topics for these presentations ranged from the crisis in Egypt and Syria, to overreaching issues concerning the Middle East and Western relations. In May, Dr. Gerolymatos presented a paper titled "The Past is Present: The Roots of Modern Terrorism" at the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society Conference. In October, he was the keynote speaker at Stasis: Dissent and Civil War in Ancient and Modern Greek History; a conference held at the University of Illinois, his presentation was titled “The International Greek Civil War”.

This year, Dr. Gerolymatos published From the Eastern Crisis, 1875-1878 to the Outbreak of the Balkan Wars, 1912: Great Power Rivalry and Diplomacy (Journal of Modern Hellenism 29, 2013): 67-90, Turkish Straits: History, Politics, and Strategic Dilemmas, (Ocean Yearbook 28): 59-79, and a book review on Ioannis Stefanidis’ Substitute for Power: Wartime British Propaganda to the Balkans, 1939-1944 in the American Historical Review, Feb 2014, 256-257. Dr. Gerolymatos will be publishing a new book: The International Civil War: Greece 1943-1949 in the fall of this year with Yale University Press. He is continuing work on his manuscript on an updated and expanded history of the Greek Civil War, previously published as Red Acropolis, Black Terror: The Greek Civil War and the Origins of Soviet-American Rivalry.