Hellenic Studies Summer Diaries: Greek Parliamentary Committee

September 07, 2017

Hellenic Studies was busy this past summer, working on new academic programs, building connections, and getting the word out about some of the exciting work being done at the summer. We were pleased to have our work highlighted by the Greek Minister of Education, Dr. Kostas Gavroglou, at the Regular Committee for Educational Matters, with members of the World Inter-Parliamentary Hellenism Association in attendence. Agenda topics included "Research and Innovation (Prospects for developing collaborations abroad)", "Professional training and apprenticeship. Developing collaborations via professional apprenticeship programs and student exchange programs" and finally "Promotion and support of Greek Language Teaching abroad".

We were also pleased to have presented to the Greek Parliament Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs about Greek Language in the Diaspora and work of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, SFU. Dr. Eirini Kotsovili, the Greek Langauge Program Coordinator, highlighted some of our recent initiatives to promote the Greek Language in the Diaspora. Her presentation was very well received and received many enquiries about using the Odysseas Language Tutor.