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Foundations of Academic Literacy Courses

FAL X99 - Foundations of Academic Literacy (4)

An introduction to the kinds of reading and writing students will encounter in lower division courses across the university disciplines. Important aspects of the writing process are discussed and illustrated in class, and students receive individual feedback on their academic writing. Students who take this class will be graded using a Competency Based grading system (Pass/Fail). Students who wish to use the course to meet the language proficiency prerequisite of a writing-intensive course must obtain a P (equivalent to a C or better). Enrollment priority is given to undergraduate students who have not yet met the language proficiency prerequisite of a writing-intensive course. Students who receive an F grade on their first attempt at the course may re-enroll. No student may attempt the course more than twice. Units from this course count toward the units required for an SFU degree. The offering of this course is for credit.