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Social Data Analytics Courses

SDA 250 - Computational Text Analysis (4)

Introduces basics of text analysis through Python programming. Core concepts include: data capture and manipulation; data cleaning and preprocessing; database management; big data; natural language processing; introductory machine learning; text classification. Students with credit for LING 250 may not take this course for further credit.

SDA 270 - Data, Ethics and Society (3)

This course would introduce students to the ethical, legal, and privacy issues surrounding the collection and use of big data and the implications of these for vulnerable populations. Students with credit for PHIL 270 may not take this course for further credit.

SDA 490 - Capstone Project Seminar (5)

Final capstone group project that applies the skills students have learned in their studies to gain experience tackling real-world policy and social problems and develop a portfolio that they can showcase to prospective employers or graduate programs. Topics vary. Prerequisite: Admission into the Social Data Analytics Minor and 18 units completed in the minor.