One Fair. Endless Opportunities.

West Coast Virtual Fairs is a collaboration between SFU, UBC and UVic. You will find plenty of interesting opportunities no matter what faculty and program you are in!

  • Discover career, co-op and volunteer opportunities
  • Explore graduate school and professional development programs
  • Practice and network with recruiters from different companies or organizations
  • Sign up for the email notifications (fair only!)
  • Open to ALL SFU students and SFU Alumni
  • See list of previous exhibitors that came to WCVF here!

What to Expect?

Visit digital booths at this career fair to learn more about the organizations and their opportunities. To interact with organization representatives at the fair, you must pre-book sessions with them on the fair platform: 

  • 1-on-1 Session: Enjoy 15-minute private conversations with organization representatives
  • Group Sessions: Join a presentation or coffee chat in a group setting with other students

Fair Access Link - Platform Open Now!


Student Resources


Get Ready!

Research and get to know the organizations ahead of time. Be prepared to be asked interview-type questions or inquiries. Check their websites and review their social media accounts for news and updates.  

  • the Position(s) available
  • their Company background/values

Prepare questions you have about the company or role(s) in question. Aim to ask specific questions that cannot be easily found on the internet. 

Consider: Stay on top of the Important Dates!

The career fair is open to all students and we invite 1st year and new students to see potential career options led from what you are studying or degree!

  • However: If you are a 3rd, 4th+, graduate or alumni student, or a student who is looking to land a co-op or opportunities:
    • These are industry professionals and recruiters from companies who are seeking talented individuals like you!
    • Consult the Information Page to find out what the organizations are looking for.
      • Reach out if you have any additional questions.  

Know Your Strengths

  • Reflect on past experiences and education to identify strengths and skills. Be prepared to articulate them when asked.

Visit Resources: 

  • Career and Volunteer Resources Page  Find self-directed resources here! *Note appointments will be well-after Fair day. You can still book, but it will likely not be in time. 
  • Find SFU student's stories and articles here:
    • Recommended Filter: Topics: Work/Volunteer, Coop, Profession Development. Or, Program: Career and Volunteer Services. You may filter by faculty too.

CVS Canvas 2023 Course to help prepare you on Networking and Resumes: Self Enroll here!

BEFORE: Evaluate The Organization!

For any career, position and job searching efforts, always research the company. Not only this is to get a better sense, but to see if it is the right place for you! We do our best to ensure these are registered organizations with existing appropriate licenses.


  • On scams, checklists, things to look for, etc.

Consider Asking Yourself:

  • Before the Fair or During the Fair: Identify the organization and position, and ask yourself if you would fit! Not only from a skills and qualifications perspective, but considering factors to see if you can reflect or see yourself there. Do your research!
    • Work Culture
    • Visions and Values
    • Missions
    • Organization
    • Business Model
    • Clarity and Public Image on the organization

Additional Reminders Beyond the Fair:

  • Anything too good to be true or requires non-explicit large/continued money/investment/purchases - exercise awareness!
  • Trust your instincts and have a second pair of eyes and talk to others about the position.
  • Book an appointment with CVS for interview prep or tips help.
  • Working in BC are protected by sets of BC laws and acts in place: Familiarize yourself to BC Employment Standards and the right to refuse unsafe work - Work Safe BC.
    • Read this good general overview with these key notes.

This is not to be sought as legal advice, but rather for informative use. SFU students please reach out to staff (international students for SFU International Student Services) for support. Co-op students, reach out to your coordinator.

DURING The Fair: Be Ready

Apply Your Preparation Efforts

  • Approach and introduce yourself! Be profession and genuine! Ask questions you prepared beforehand! 

First Impression Matters

  • Dress as if you are going to an interview, greet the representatives with a smile and introduce yourself with confidence.
    • You don't have to wear a business formal style (although you could) or get a new outfit, but take some time to think on it! Don't rush.  

Make It Last

  • Extend the connection beyond the Fair by asking to connect on LinkedIn.
  • Ask for their application process. Employers may have an online application process.
    • If you prepared a resume and have done your research, ask if they are accepting resumes before giving it to them

Additional Resources

Workshops & Panel Events

Need help to get ready for the fair? We've got you covered! Click on the links below to watch the recorded sessions or register for the future sessions:

student Workshops  

Are you interested in special workshops? Open to SFU - UBC - UVic students and alumni!

WCVF's offering special online workshops on:

  • Tuesday May 9, 11 am - 12 pm, Self-Identification in the Workplace
    Do you wonder how to approach self-identification and self-disclosure in your job search or on the job? Do you identify as a member of an equity-deserving group? Join the UVic Co-op + Career EDI Team to explore your options and get tips on finding employers who value you for who you are. In this session, you’ll learn about your employment rights and obligations, how to approach self-disclosure and accommodation in the workplace, and how to get more information and support.
  • Wednesday, May 10, 4 pm- 5 pm, Choosing a Graduate Program
    This workshop with UBC will cover the differences between various kinds of graduate programs (professional, course-based, and research-based), as well as common motivations for considering graduate school. We’ll discuss how to choose a program based on your key priorities, as well as how to decide if and when graduate studies might be the right choice.

Recordings Location:

Questions? Contact Us!

Reach out to Jim Y. Liu, Employer Relations and Communications-Events Coordinator at for any Fair related questions!

Important Dates

Date Action
Starting May 10th

Access the virtual fair platform to

  • Create your profile
  • Check out all the exhibitor booths
  • Pre-book 1:1 or group sessions with employers
Wed May 17 and Thurs May 18 Return to the platform to access your booked sessions with employers
at the West Coast Virtual Fair (10:00 AM–3:00 PM)


  • The virtual event platform also provides text-based chat
  • It is not compulsory to have your camera and/or microphone on when you attend a session
  • You do not have to be present for the entirety of the fair. We encourage you to schedule breaks in between their appointments
  • If you have any accessibility needs, please email and we will do our best to address your needs