Know your Rights and Responsibilities

If you intend to live off campus and have little or no experience renting accommodation in BC, you should learn about your rights and responsibilities before signing a rental agreement (known as a lease).

We strongly recommend that you visit the TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre website to read the “Tenant Survival Guide” or download multilingual fact sheets on various topics. TRAC also offers a free online Renting it Right course in partnership with the Justice Education Society, which is a great introduction to renting housing in BC.

The Residential Tenancy Branch of the Government of British Columbia is another good resource for more information.

Private property insurance

SFU and Metro Vancouver are generally considered very safe. However, as in most big cities or on large campuses, property theft does occur. You are strongly advised to purchase private property insurance, either in Canada or at home before you leave. This should provide coverage for theft or loss of your belongings, as well as property damage due to fire, flood or other unforeseen incidents.