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Audio Recordings

Listen to these recordings as often as you like and breathe, relax, and de-stress.


Facilitator: Erika Horwitz, Associate Director of Counselling (Former), Health & Counselling
Duration:  10 minute and 25 minute versions available 
Description: Mindfulness helps you become focused and allows you to rest from constant thinking. Practice being in the present and let go of worries about the future and past.

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25 minute version (Download .mp3)

Mountain Meditation

Adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mountain Meditation

Facilitator: Sarah Parkes, Clinical Counsellor, Health & Counselling
Duration:  19 minutes 
Description: This meditation uses mindfulness and visualization to foster inner stability amid the constantly changing nature of our mind, body, and surroundings. 

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Self Compassion

Affectionate Breathing

Adapted from Kristin Neff and Chris Germer's Affectionate Breathing Meditation

Facilitator: Sarah Parkes, Clinical Counsellor, Health & Counselling
Duration:  10 minutes 
Description: This soothing meditation encourages self-compassion through mindful breathing. 

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Facilitator: Cathy Trudeau, Clinicial Counsellor (Former), SFU Health & Counselling
Duration:  10 minutes
Description: Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a technique of tensing and relaxing muscles through your body. It can help to increase levels of relaxation and decrease levels of stress and tension. 

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Body Scan 

Facilitator: Erika Horwitz, Associate Director Counselling (Former), Health & Counselling
Duration:  25 minutes
Description: The Body Scan is a Mindfulness-based practice that allows us to be present with our bodies and to learn to observe and experience our bodies without judgement, analysis, or resistance. It is sometimes useful to do it before doing the Mindfulness meditation as it tends to focus the mind and ground the body.

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Whether you're looking to reduce anxiety or meditate more, apps are a great way to find peace and calmness when you're on the go. Find an app that works for you and keep it in your toolbox for the days you need it most.

Video Recordings

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