Graduate Students

Health & Counselling Services are available to all undergraduate and graduate students. 

Graduate students often require separate and distinct support through their journey with both teaching and learning. Below are some highlighted resources offered particularly for graduate students. 

One-on-one Counselling

Counselling Services

Graduate students can request for an appointment with Susan Brook, who works specifically with grad students:

Counselling appointments are also available virtually and in-person at Health & Counselling clinics with additional Registered Clinical Counsellors. View more


My SSP is a service contracted by the university to provide support to all SFU and FIC students. Book a few appointments with a counsellor, chat for advice through the app, or call 24/7 for crisis support. Graduate students can find support for managing stress, navigating relationships, and can also use this service to support others. More

Medical Services

Doctors, nurses, medical referrals

Health & Counselling Clinics operate like a family doctor's office. Graduate students can make appointments with service providers virtually and in-person as needed. More

Experiencing Disability as a Graduate Student

This is a group designed to provide a space for graduate students with disabilities to seek support in a safe environment with a Registered Clinical Counsellor facilitating. More

Dissertation & Thesis Support Group

Dissertation & Thesis Support Group is a safe and confidential space for graduate students writing their thesis or dissertation to share their experience and receive support. More

Meet, Greet, Eat for graduate students

Join a safe and inclusive space for grad students to connect, meet new people, eat, and participate in fun and creative crafts. More

Mood and Anxiety Skills Program 

This is a non-judgemental and confidential group for graduate students who want to understand and learn more about how to manage anxiety and mood concerns. More


These guides were developed through a collaborative process, which included staff, faculty supervisors and graduate students. 

Well-being through the Supervisory Process: Graduate Student Guide for Action

Learn to advocate for needs, and awareness of campus resources. This framework provides five conditions for optimizing this important and unique learning experience with faculty members to support satisfaction, resilience, and success. More

Well-being through the Supervisory Process: A Faculty Guide to Action

This resource is intended for faculty members and focuses on seven conditions informed by research, best practice, SFU faculty Champions, and graduate students. More


Thriving in Graduate School Newsletter

Receive weekly emails with resources and well-being exercises for yourself and students in your courses. This newsletters offers just-in-time tips for TA/TMs. More

Workshops & Trainings

Thriving as a TA/TM - Online Training

This online training will help you gain resilience skills, identify boundaries in your role as TA/TM helping students, and overview conditions for well-being in learning environments. More

Bouncing Forward Resilience Course - for Graduate Students

Join this free, online, self-paced course to build resilience and enhance well-being during graduate school. More

Request a Workshop or Presentation

Health & Counselling staff can present to your group on topics impacting graduate students (imposter syndrome, mental health, supporting students in distress, Well-being in Learning Environments initiatives, etc.). More


Healthy Campus Community Initiatives

A Healthy Campus Community is one where the people, processes, and spaces contribute to well-being and success for all. It's in the words spoken, decisions made, actions taken, and culture and systems created. Learn about Well-being in Teaching and Learning environments and see how you can contribute. More

Identity & Community

It's important to feel a sense of belonging. Explore a list of groups and services related to different intersecting identities and find support through community.  More