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  • Dinner on Christmas Eve Eve

    As the semester finishes out, and the year comes to a close, join us for a fun filled Dinner on Christmas Eve.

  • Dinner on Christmas Eve Eve

    Burnaby, Online, Social Event, Multifaith

    As the semester finishes out, and the year comes to a close, join us for a fun filled Dinner on Christmas Eve.

  • Halaqah

    Islam, MSA, Social Event, Faith Study, Surrey

    Halaqah is held for both brothers and sisters throughout the semester. Check out when you can attend

  • Community Connect

    Burnaby, Social Event, Multifaith, Islam, Christianity, Judaism , Small Group

    Find your faith community. Drop in for a social event with a faith group today. Check out one that suits you.

  • Jummah

    Burnaby, Faith Gathering, Islam, MSA, Prayer, Surrey

    Join Jummah on Fridays at SFU with the Muslim Students Association. Jummah is open to all members of the SFU Community.

  • Jamatkhana

    Burnaby, Faith Gathering, Islam, Prayer, ISA

    Jamatkhana, evening prayers, are held by the Ismaili Students Association each evening of the week.

  • Holiday PopUp

    Burnaby, Social Event, Multifaith

    As the campus gets quieter and exams begin, join us for some winter and holiday themed fun in the #KnowYourSFU IRL Space in MBC 2270 with exciting plans all week long.

  • Holy Mass

    Catholic, Burnaby, Faith Gathering, Christianity

    Join the Catholic Chaplaincy for Mass in the Multifaith Centre. Open to Students, Staff, and Faculty

  • Prayer and Worship

    Burnaby, Christianity, P2C, Faith Gathering, Prayer

    Prayer and Worship events are biweekly times to worship God through music, songs, and praying together.

  • Tuesday Night Fellowship

    Burnaby, Christianity, Faith Gathering, UCM, Social Event

    Tuesday Night Fellowship (TNF) is a place to worship, hang out, and learn together through a short teaching from the Bible.