Welcome to Urban Studies

The future of human civilization is urban in nature.  With the rapid rise of human population and urbanization worldwide, the comprehensive study of cities – in all of their social, economic, environmental, and political complexity – is crucial to a sustainable global future.

SFU Urban Studies prepares students to confront the critical challenges facing cities today and tomorrow. Our students come to us enthusiastic, demonstrating a clarity, confidence and sense of hope for the future of cities, and leave empowered, ready to operationalize solutions to pressing urban questions and issues.

At SFU Urban Studies, we train urbanists. Our graduates are critical and strategic thinkers who have the knowledge and expertise to become effective decision makers. Our uniquely interdisciplinary program operates at the nexus of theory and practice, striking the right balance between academic and professional training. As a result, our graduates have the diverse skill set, deep and broad knowledge base, and flexibility needed in today’s dynamic job market for urban professionals. They also develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills that allow them to create their own professional niche, placing them at the vanguard of urban change.

At SFU Urban Studies, graduate education happens at this exciting nexus – where knowledge, passion, and action meet!