Peter V. Hall

Director and professor, Urban Studies Program

Office: HC 2123
Phone: 778.782.6691
Website: Peter V. Hall

Research interests
Port cities, seaports and logistics, local labour markets and employment, community development

Teaching interests
Urban and regional economic development, research methods


Terri Evans

Manager, Academic & Administrative Services

Office: HC 2115
Phone: 778.782.7914

LinkedIn: Terri Evans

Karen Ferguson

Professor, Urban Studies and History

Office: HC 2111
Phone: 778.782.7958
Website: Karen Ferguson

Research interests 
Urban history, public policy and culture, social sustainability, race and pluralism in North American cities

Teaching interests 
Urban history, urban development, planning and policy, urban cultures, urban politics

Meg Holden

Professor, Urban Studies and Geography

Office: HC 2128
Phone: 778.782.7888
Website: Meg Holden

Research interests 
Sustainable urban development, social learning in the city, urban environmental policy, urban philosophy and ethics

Teaching interests 
Urban sustainable development, urban policy, planning and governance, urban and human geography, research design and methods

Anthony Perl

Professor, Urban Studies and Political Science

Office: HC 2124
Phone: 778.782.7887
Website: Anthony Perl

Research interests
Environmental, transportation, and energy policy; urban governance and administration; urban sustainability

Teaching interests
Urban and regional transportation, comparative public policy, public administration, internationalization and local governance

Patrick J. Smith

Professor, Urban Studies and Political Science

Office: HC 2119
Phone: 778.782.7821
Website: Patrick Smith

Research interests
Local and metropolitan governance, global cities

Matt Hern

Limited Term Senior Lecturer

Office: HC2111
Website: Matt Hern