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Tier 1 NSERC CRC Emergency Retention Mechanism

Transparency Statement for Using the Emergency Retention Mechanism | November 3, 2023

Simon Fraser University (SFU) intends to use the emergency retention mechanism to nominate one of its faculty members for a NSERC Tier 1 Canada Research Chair.

Working in the interface of mathematics and public health, the nominee is an internationally recognized research leader in infectious disease modelling, genomic epidemiology, and the mathematics of evolution. Their research leadership has had significant impact in public health in British Columbia and across Canada through direction of a national research network of mathematicians, statisticians, and health scientists established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and through service on a COVID-19 expert panel that advised the Chief Science Advisor of Canada. The nominee is making critically important contributions to the research priorities “Supporting health and wellness of individuals, populations, and communities” and “Expanding the foundations of knowledge and understanding of our origins” identified in the university strategic research plan. The nominee is also uniquely positioned to train students and postdoctoral fellows in public health engaged research. Thus, we judge that the retention of this researcher has become critically important to successful pursuit of the strategic goals of the institution.

SFU has taken into consideration its equity and diversity targets when making this decision. SFU is currently meeting its targets and the nomination of this individual will help SFU meet its 2025 equity targets.

This decision was approved by:
Dr. Dugan O’Neil, Vice-President, Research and International (
Dr. Wade Parkhouse, Provost and Vice-President Academic pro tem (

Questions or concerns can be directed to:
Alda O’Grady, CRC Lead, Institutional Strategic Awards (

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