Strategic Enrolment Planning Guidelines

The following guidelines, drawn from the SFU Long-Range Strategic Enrollment Plan (2021-2027)provide an institution-wide framework for developing enrollment goals, strategies and tactics, while recognizing that enrollment priorities will vary across academic units:

  • Anticipate targeted growth in areas consistently in high demand and through new programs aligned with market factors, while maintaining SFU’s commitment to broad-based education to develop informed citizens and meet the needs of society.
  • Admit a highly qualified and diverse body of students who are likely to be retained and successful.
  • Embed equity, diversity, and inclusion principles within enrollment planning.
  • Acknowledge the important role that graduate and undergraduate students play in enhancing SFU’s research mission, while recognizing that many students enter SFU to seek the enhanced career opportunities afforded to those with advanced degrees.
  • Increase the participation and broaden the program registration of Indigenous students.
  • Seek to broaden the countries of origin and SFU program destinations of our international student population, diversifying our student body and mitigating the institutional risk of relying on attracting a significant portion of our international students from relatively few countries of origin.
  • Recognize that strategically managed growth of our student body plays a critical role in sustaining the fiscal environment needed for SFU to pursue its strategic vision.

Improvements in graduation rates and times to degree completion also feature prominently in the plan.