Simon Fraser University
Professor Martin A. Andresen - School of Criminology

Blasts From the Past

May 2017, at Griffith University speaking with their early career researchers

June 2015, I'm on Google Street View!!! ...the one on the right ;)

Fall 2014, being awarded the SFU Dean of Graduate Studies, Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision.

Fall 2013, being awarded the Julian M. Szeicz Award for Early Career Achievement, Canadian Association of Geographers. You would think I could have opened my eyes!

Fall 2012, participating in the Smackdown Faculty Debate.

Fall 2010, being awarded the Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, SFU.

This is me in my former life as a factory worker. I'm the one in the back doing nothing. My supervisor took this picture and I subsequently grabbed it from him stating that it was evidence of my not working and I wouldn't let him keep it.

Early 1990s with my niece and mom-in-law.

Me and my 1964 Volkswagen Beetle, late 1980s.

My brother and I with our grandparents, Christmas 1989.



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