Simon Fraser University
Professor Martin A. Andresen - School of Criminology

Miscellaneous Papers
The papers posted here were worth the time to write, but are just not worth any more time to finish, revise, or extend.

Andresen, M.A. "The odds-ratio: what it is and why it should be used with caution" November 2009.

Andresen, M.A. "A procedure for geocoding point addresses using ArcView GIS 3.x" September 2006.

Andresen, M.A. "The Geography of Canada - United States Trade" Ph.D. Dissertation, Supervisor: Trevor J. Barnes, August 2006.

Andresen, M.A. "Empirical intra-industry trade: what we know and what we need to know" September 2003.

Andresen, M.A. "Canada, the United States, and NAFTA: The Effects on Trade Patterns" M.A. Project, Supervisor: Richard G. Harris, June 2000.



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