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Statistics Resources

Statistics & Mathematics Software

The R Project for Statistical Computing

   Current Version of R for Mac OS X

   Current Version of R for Windows

   The Comprehensive R Archive Network

   Spatial Data in R

   The R Commander: A Basic-Statistics GUI for R

   R Studio

EasyReg International: Free Econometrics Software for Easy Regression Analysis

Gauss Homepage

    Gauss Source Code Archive at American University

    Gauss Manual


    A free Spatial Econometrics toolbox for Matlab

    Introduction to Matlab

    Matlab Tutorial: An Introduction to Matlab

OxMetrics and OxEdit (Another Matrix Programming Language, that's free.)

Biogeme (A free statistics package the focuses on discrete choice models.)


SpaceStat: A Spatial Econometrics Package

EViews Homepage

TSP International

SPSS Homepage

    PSPP, a free variant of SPSS

    PSPP Homepage

LIMDEP Homepage


SHAZAM Homepage




    Maple Tutorials on the Web


Statistics & Mathematics Resources

Research Analytics, Indiana University

Eric Zivot's Econometric Software Resources

Ronald Schoenberg's Archive Links

Spatial Statistics Sites

Probability and Statistics Resources

StatLib: Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community

Research Statistics and Statistical Analysis Directory

The Econometrics Journal Online ( A Lot of Econometric Links)

The Econometrics Journal Online can be found here as well

Econometric software

UC Berkeley Econometrics Laboratory

SurfStat Australia

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

Statistics & Mathematics Online Books and Notes

Statnotes: Topics in Multivariate Analysis

StatSoft: Electronic Statistics Textbook

Introductory Statistics Online

The Data Analysis Briefbook

HyperStat Online

Graduate Econometrics Notes

Handbook of Statistical Methods



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