Photo David Freeman
Department of Economics
Simon Fraser University
WMC 3681

Curriculum Vitae


"Revealing Sophistication and Naïveté from Procrastination and Preproperation"

"Preferred Personal Equilibrium and Simple Choices"
 Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [accepted version]

"Preferred Personal Equilibrium and Choice under Risk"

"Eliciting Risk Preferences using Choice Lists",   (with Yoram Halevy and Terri Kneeland)

"Procedures for Eliciting Time Preferences",   (with Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti, and Luigi Mittone)
 Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [accepted version]

"Calibration Without Reduction for Non-Expected Utility"
 Journal of Economic Theory, 158(A): 21-32.  [published version]

"Risk Taking with Background Risk under Recursive Rank-Dependent Utility"
 Mathematical Social Sciences, forthcoming.

"Opportunity Cost, Inattention, and the Bidders Curse",   (with Erik Kimbrough and Philipp Reiss)

"Instructions"   (with Erik Kimbrough, Garrett Petersen, and Hanh Tong)

"Inferring Risk Preferences from Choices: The Impact of Context and Incentives"   (with Guy Mayraz)



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