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Steve Hillman

I am an IT Architect in the Infrastructure division of IT Services at Simon Fraser University. That means that I'm responsible for the overall design and "vision" of the server and storage infrastructure at the university. I've held this position since October of 2007 when ITServices was reorganized.

Before that, I was the Senior Systems Administrator for Academic Computing Services. One of my primary responsbilities was the campus email system. The system is complex enough that I don't expect to ever fully extricate myself from it (and don't want to - it's fun!), so I've been heavily involved in the new Email Suite that SFU's ICAT department is rolling out. It uses the Zimbra Collaboration Suite software. To that end, I've been fairly active in the Zimbra community:


Here are a few presentations that I've done. I've put them up in PDF and, where necessary, PPT as well.

Social Networking

I have a presence on several social networking sites:

I also have a couple of blogs. You can follow Rambling of a Sysadmin to find out what I'm currently working on. I also spent several years renovating an old Vancouver home and blogging about it. I'm not very active on that project anymore, but I've left the blog up for posterity

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