David Blackwell

My PhD supervisor

"Basically, I am not interested in doing research. I am interested in understanding, which is quite a different thing." David Harold Blackwell [Interviewed by Donald J. Albers in Mathematical people: profiles and interviews, Albers, D.J. and Alexanderson, G.L., eds. AK Peters, 2008.]

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Michael Stephens

Michael Arthur Stephens

My colleague and most important co-author for 40 years and a remarkable man.

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I am, I think, a mathematician in approach. I do research in goodness-of-fit with Michael Stephens, students and other colleagues. I do large sample theory, some inference in stochastic process and some other things mostly one off with various people. I have done stuff with Peter Borwein helping out with some number theory problems, I guess you might call them. I have had great fun working with Jon Taylor, Ryan Tibshirani and Rob Tibshirani on inference for high dimensional LASSSO fits.

Lewis Carroll

Me, channelling Lewis Carroll

`When I use a [symbol], it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.'

Dumpty, H. (1871)

Bart Giamatti

President of Yale and Commissioner of Baseball

"To the Members of the University Community: In order to restore what Milton called the ruin of our grand parents, I wish to announce that henceforth, as a matter of University policy, evil is abolished and paradise is restored. I trust all of us will do whatever possible to achieve this policy objective." Bart Giamatti

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Philosopher and Logician

6.21 A proposition of mathematics does not express a thought. ... 6.211... Indeed in real life a mathematical proposition is never what we want. Ludwig Wittgenstein [Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, 2nd ed, Psychology Press, 2001.]