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I am actively recruiting highly motivated students who are ready to take on ambitious challenges. If you are interested in the research on customizable computing at SFU in the beautiful and immigration-friendly Greater Vancouver area, please email me (zhenman [at] sfu [dot] ca) your CV, transcript, English test results, and research interests, with the following subject: [PhD/Master] Name+Major+School. Note Master's student in Canada is also research based and funded; but preferences will be given to PhD students. Students with background in hardware acceleration and architecture, compilation and automation tool for killer applications such as big data systems, sparsity-aware computation, AR/VR, video encoding/decoding, and fully homomorphic encryption, are highly encouraged to apply.

Before emailing me, please explore my website to get an overview of my research, and make sure you meet the Academic and English Language requirements. !!Please DO NOT phone me!!

My Research

My recent research focuses on customizable computing with specialized hardware acceleration, which aims to sustain the ever-increasing performance and energy-efficiency demand of important application domains in post-Moore’s law era. It spans the entire computing stack, including emerging application drivers, novel computer architectures, and corresponding programming, runtime, and tool support. My current research is generously funded by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation), BCKDF (Canada Foundation for Innovation), SFU, Mitacs, Huawei Canada, Xilinx, and Nvidia. Welcome to explore my research projects, publications, and group for more details.

Preferred Skills

If you are good at two or more of the following skills, we should talk.

Academic Requirements

English Language Requirements

About Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Simon Fraser University is located in metropolitan Vancouver, one of the most livable cities in the world. SFU is consistently ranked among Canada’s top comprehensive universities. It is ranked No. 16 among the QS World University Rankings of top 50 universities under 50 years old (2014), No. 24 among the Times Higher Education Rankings of top 100 world universities under 50 years old (2014). It is also ranked 5th in Canada in Science and Engineering in terms of bibliometrics scores (h-index), according to Higher Education Strategy Associates. More information about SFU can be found at SFU website, School of Engineering Science and School of Computing Science.

Life in Vancouver

Credit: Dr. Tianzheng Wang, SFU.

It's very important to choose a place that you'd enjoy for graduate studies, especially so for doing a PhD! SFU is located in Metro Vancouver, one of the most livable regions in the world with a diverse population (and hence great food!) from all over the world, nice weather, especially when compared to the rest of Canada and northeastern US. Vancouver is the most 'Asian' city outside Asia. It is also the largest city and a major technology hub in Western Canada. Many major companies and startups are here, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Huawei, Intel, Broadcom, Microchip, Oracle and SAP, which bring many research and job opportunities. The Canadian Government and the Province of British Columbia also offer attractive and flexible visa categories and immigration choices after your study. Typically, you can get a three-year post-graduate work permit and eligibility to apply for permanent residency right away after graduation. See details here, here, here and here.

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