Implementation and Action

What’s Next: The SFU Strategy will be realized through thoughtful implementation and meaningful action. Delivery of the strategy will be integrated with existing planning and budget cycles to bring the strategy into formal decision-making structures.

As we move into implementation, we will remain committed to ongoing input from faculty, staff, students and other communities, as well as establishing a process that is representative of our vision.

Implementation process

Co-leads will be appointed for each priority to bolster collaboration, ensure alignment and hear from the internal community.

Each pair of co-leads will establish a pan-university working group to establish metrics for success and identify annual initiatives. Both the metrics and the first-year actions will be shared with the broader community on this webpage as they are confirmed.

Metrics will be reported to the Board of Governors regularly, along with progress against identified initiatives.

Uphold Truth and Reconciliation

Joy Johnson and Chris Lewis

Engage in Global Challenges

Dugan O’Neil and Naomi Krogman

Make a Difference for B.C.

Joanne Curry and Peter Hall

Transform the SFU Experience

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson and Rummana Khan Hemani

Ongoing input

We will hold regular engagement activities, including town halls and other opportunities for SFU’s communities to learn about the work in progress, offer suggestions and feedback and hold leadership accountable to progress.

The first town hall was March 23—a chance for faculty and staff to ask questions and learn more about next steps. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming town halls.

Getting focused

The past few years have been an extraordinarily busy time. As we navigate ongoing complexities, change and increasing demands, we will need to make difficult choices. What’s Next is intended to help leaders make decisions around which projects and initiatives we take on, and perhaps more importantly, what we can stop doing. This will happen through the co-leads and working groups, ongoing oversight from VPs and Deans and close alignment with the planning and budget processes.