bo-sen wu

Agricultural Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Plant science
  • Environmental engineering
  • Controlled environmental agriculture (CEA)
  • Vertical farming

He can help you with

  • Science management
  • Horticultural LED lighting and fertigation design

About Bo-Sen

Bo-Sen Wu has a vast and solid experience in agritech. PhD in vertical farming and plant LED lighting in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University, he collaborated with a number of start-ups and global associations. This led him to build a network in agritech CEA, vertical farming, greenhouse and cannabis sectors. His strong involvement with the sector led him to BCCAI. Through his work and expertise, he provides advise in plant science, environmental engineering, and controlled environment agriculture. Within BCCAI, he seeks to advance agritech, CEA and contribute to sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

“Collaborating with experts, conducting research, and making a broader impact energize my commitment to the sector and BCCAI's mission.”

Bo-Sen Wu