Carson Li


Areas of expertise

  • Agronomy
  • Data Visualization
  • Soil Science
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission


He can help you with

  • Research project development
  • Technical expertise engagement
  • Training and upskilling program
  • Scientific communication

About carson

Carson Li is a enthusiastic about regenerative agriculture. He collects a number of awards and grants due to his work as a researcher in agroecology and soil science. During his career he developed research focused on monitoring and quantifying greenhouse gas emission from different agricultural production systems in BC, such as dairy, forage, blueberry, and organic vegetables. With a true passion about innovation and technology, he joined BCCAI in 2023 motivated by the potential to work on a wide range of projects and learn about new technologies and innovations that are in the nexus of energy, food, and environment. Situated in British Columbia with the most diverse agriculture and agri-food industry in Canada, Carson hopes to engage and exchange ideas with industry and academic partners from all sectors. Carson is a Professional Agrologist registered with BC Institute of Agrologist. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at SFU in addition to a Master of Science in Soil Sciences at UBC.

"My biggest motivation is knowing that my work could help farmers and food producers to adapt to the changing climate."

Carson Li