BCCAI team travels to the Netherlands to solidify partnership

June 23, 2023
BCCAI team accompanied by representatives of Lucent BioSciences (from West Vancouver) and Agrotek Industries (from Burnaby) at WUR facilities

Tackling complex issues in agritech requires collaboration between the right players. That is why Simon Fraser University-led B.C. Centre for Agritech Innovation (BCCAI) is joining forces with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands.

From the 14th to the 16th of June, the BCCAI Scientific Director Woo Soo Kim and its Strategic Partnership Manager, Chris Duffin, visited the WUR facilities in the cities of Bleiswijk and Wageningen. The reciprocal visit aimed to further strengthen the ties between the two institutions, in addition to exploring new partnerships in different programs and training.

Ranked number one in the world in agriculture and forestry, the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) visited BCCAI facilities at SFU in April when a Letter of Intent was signed to collaborate on future research programs, share knowledge and spark innovation in the agritech field.

BCCAI Scientific Director Woo Soo Kim says, “The visit was inspiring. We left with an even greater feeling of respect and mutual admiration for the work we try to develop, in addition to renewed synergies. We hope to continue the dialogue and collaborate on new initiatives.”

In the same visit, the BCCAI team also participated in Greentech 2023, a three-day summit that brought together companies from the horticulture sector, as well as government and academia. The event allowed the team to learn more about the Dutch horticulture market, connect with potential partners and explore new solutions for the sector.

The BCCAI delegation was also composed of representatives of Lucent BioSciences (from West Vancouver) and Agrotek Industries (from Burnaby), two companies recently selected as part of the BCCAI co-creation model and that will contribute to B.C.’s long-term priorities in agriculture, including Indigenous food security, vertical farming and increased and sustainable crop production. Their participation in the event included showcasing BCCAI’s collaborative model and focus on diversity and inclusion.