BCCAI's webinar helps pave the way to tomorrow's agriculture

September 14, 2023

On September 12 BCCAI hosted a webinar to discuss the future of agritech in B.C., its challenges and opportunities. The talk was conducted by BCCAI Scientific Director Prof. Woo Soo Kim, the Director of Innovation and Technology Dr. Rahul Singh and included the participation of Dr. Farah Nour, Chief Science Officer and Founder of Lucent BioSciences – a BC company that accelerates sustainable agriculture by delivering crop nutrition that improves yield and soil health while sequestering carbon.

With a impressive quorum of participants from several parts of Canada and abroad, the public had the opportunity to learn more about BCCAI’s work in partnership with SMEs in BC, discover resources available and hear in firsthand the result of the work done in collaboration with Lucent Bioscience – one of the initial four companies supported by BCCAI focused on crop nutrition, and a continuous and valuable partner for further developing and growing the momentum of their commercialization efforts.

The initiative is part of BCCAI's objective to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in BC to better understand the sector and present solutions and opportunities, in addition to boosting a collaborative network with companies and specialists seeking to address important issues for the market and for entrepreneurs.

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