Alumni Profile

New alumni profile: Jayden Cole

October 03, 2022

Meet one of our amazing new alumni who are graduating from the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Jayden Cole: BASc with Distinction, School of Engineering Science

What was a highlight or favourite moment from your time at SFU?
I have many great memories of SFU's engineering science program. However, I loved being a student tutor the most. Being able to make a significant impact on someone’s academic career was very gratifying. Getting younger students excited about the possibilities that math, science and engineering can provide was my most rewarding experience at SFU.

How has your experience at SFU prepared you for your career path?
Having the opportunity to take two or more co-ops has shaped my future career. I was able to try out both industry and academia positions which enabled me to make an informed decision for my future. Further, I developed an understanding of the importance of testing my code as it was emphasized in both opportunities. 

What advice would you like to share to students in their first year?
In my first year, I wish I had signed up for more engineering clubs and societies. I was on the SFU Varsity Swim team throughout my five years, which generated memories and friends that I now cherish in my post-grad career. Clubs at SFU I would have loved to join would be the Robot-Soccer club and the SFU Rocketry club!

What are your current plans?
Post-graduation, I want to find a great work-life balance as I move forward. I have professional swimming opportunities ahead of me, and I want to combine them with the software development I love. The concrete plans are still in the works while I spend four months living in Vienna and travelling Europe.