Email forwarding service

Your SFU email account will remain active for one year from the end of the last semester in which you were registered for classes.  

You'll receive an email from SFU IT Services four weeks prior to your account expiring, and a second notice two weeks prior to the expiry date. However, you can continue to receive emails that are sent to your email address by registering your account for the Alumni Email Forwarding Service. This is a free message relay service and is intended for those who already have an email account with an external email service provider (e.g. Gmail).

How it works

Just as you can forward your mail when you move homes, you can do the same thing with your email. Although your account will expire, your contacts can continue to send you email to that account; we’ll just forward it to your “new” address, your external email (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Things to know about email forwarding

  • This is a complimentary service.
  • Setting up email forwarding will activate your log in credentials after graduation so you can continue accessing some of SFU’s online services including: ordering transcripts and accessing wireless internet at SFU and many institutions worldwide.
  • If you graduated prior to April 2009, you may need to reactivate your SFU computing ID. See step one below.
  • Emails you have stored at your email address that you want to save will need to be migrated. Learn more
  • You will need an email account that isn’t from SFU, like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo that messages sent to your can be forwarded to.

Graduated in 2009 or later?

Time to sign up for your email forwarding service! You will need to know your SFU log in ID and password.

Graduated before 2009?

If you have previously created an email forwarding address, you may be able to login to SFU's online systems and do not need to reactivate your account. To verify this, try logging in here.

If you are unable to log in with the link, please proceed to step 1.

Step 1: Reactivate your SFU account

You will need to complete the SFU Account Reactivation Form. Once your submission has been processed, we will provide instructions for the next step.


Step 2: Register for email forwarding

Once your account has been reactivated, you can now register for the email forwarding service.

Looking for help? Please email