Alumni Profile

New alumni profile: Mackenzie Calder

October 03, 2022

Meet one of our amazing new alumni who are graduating from the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Mackenzie Calder: BASc, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering

What was a highlight or favourite moment from your time at SFU?
The highlight of my degree was getting to go to class each day with a small group of people, all of whom became my close friends. Being in a graduating class of only three people is truly unique and is an experience I do not think many SFU students will ever have the pleasure being a part of.

How has your experience at SFU prepared you for your career path?
My time at SEE has thoroughly prepared me to work and in fact, I have just started a job in the industry. SFU's mandatory co-op terms have been invaluable in exposing me to the engineering workforce and they were what allowed me to get hired right out of school.

What advice would you like to share to students in their first year?
My best advice to any student joining an engineering degree is to make friends as quick as you can. Nobody makes it through one of these programs alone and learning how to tackle difficult projects through teamwork is the key path to success.

What are your current plans?
Currently, I am working for BCIT as an Energy Specialist trying to reduce the institution's greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy usage. My long-term career goals focus on moving into more of a project management role in engineering. I hope to one day receive my MBA and play a role in furthering large-scale engineering projects that help make our world more sustainable.

Mackenzie is among the first to complete the undergraduate program from the School of Sustainable Energy Engineering. For his capstone project, he  and his team had the opportunity to collaborate with CityStudio Vancouver and the City of Vancouver to design a zero-emission retrofit for the Stanley Park Train. Read the full story here.