To our alumni, with thanks

February 03, 2023

Last December, we asked for your help in making a year-end gift to support future alumni—and you rose to the occasion! In just one month, 1,500+ alumni like you contributed more than $583,000 to advance learning, research and community engagement. Nearly 64% of this funding will go towards providing vital scholarships, bursaries and awards to students so they can focus on reaching their full potential.

You also made it clear that it’s important to give back to our communities and the world through programs that engage underrepresented youth in science, as well as innovative research in areas like imaginative education and robotics. We are grateful to have such dedicated alumni who are passionate about uplifting the next generation of leaders and changemakers!

Overall in December, SFU’s entire donor community generously invested a total of $4.36 million to shape a brighter future—that comes out to 2,470 gifts to celebrate the end of 2022! Thank you for inspiring us to dream bigger, and we look forward to achieving even greater things together this year.