Into the World: A journey through the photographic collection of the SFU Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology



Into the World is an exhibit that gives a glimpse into the fascinating world of archaeology and ethnology through the extensive photographic collection of our museum. Photography has been part of the archaeological practice since the nineteenth century. Just like archaeological findings, photographs connect us to another time and can bear testimony to a past. Even though photographs must be viewed and analyzed with a critical eye, they are part of the visual identity of archaeology.

Organized by continent, Into the World consists of multiple exhibits that is exhibited in the museum in 2020 and 2021. This general teaser contains images from different decades, different continents and of course various archaeological sites. Next, we will focus on each continent, starting with Africa. We hope you enjoy this journey.


Exhibit credits
Project creation and design by Sarah Maya Vercruysse
Project direction by Dr. Barbara Winter
Printing by Alliance Printing

Photography credits
Dr. Roy Carlson, Dr. H.S. Basil Cooke, Dr. Brian Hayden, Dr. Louise Jilek-Aall, Dr. Wolfgang G. Jilek, Dr. Diane Lyons,
Dr. George F. MacDonald, Dr. Alan McMillan, Dr. Richard Shutler, Dr. Arnoud Stryd, Dr. Barbara Winter, Marta Wnorowska