Meet Our 2023 Steering Committee

Meet the folks that make up our Steering Committee! Our Steering Committee is mixed with elected and appointed roles. Click on the roles below to learn more.

Co-Chair (Student)

Hope Alicia

Undergraduate Student

As a Black student at SFU, like many of you, living in the diaspora has allowed me to value the presence of a community of people like me. Most of us rely on the community here as family and friends. People who can see the world and experience it as we do. After joining SFU, the Caucus and SOCA have been those places for me while at SFU. Therefore, it would be an honour to serve on the Caucus Steering Committee that centres initiatives for the Black community, focusing on improving how we experience Blackness on both an individual and institutional level. I am running for a position on the Black Caucus Steering Committee because I would like to participate in advancing initiatives that improve the experience of being Black at SFU. I value these initiatives because they have created and advocated for community building in a safe space and celebrating Black success. I want to continue working with a team to develop new initiatives to increase Black faculty and maintain the legacy of successful events such as Black graduation and community events where Black intellect, success, health, history, and community are celebrated. Throughout my career, I have also participated in frontline advocacy for other groups experiencing barriers and racism. This experience taught me the value of creating a safe and inclusive community and the benefit of policies that support and protect people. I hope to bring these skills to serve the community, utilising my experience and skills to collaborate with a team of fellow Black people to advocate and lobby for Black people at SFU. Creating a safe space for Black folks to form a community of friends, allies, and family is essential. Therefore, I would like to be a part of a committee that creates this opportunity for Black students, faculty, and Alumni to see themselves represented in institutions of higher learning.

Co-Chair (Faculty)

Photo by: Waltraud Greif

June Francis

Associate Professor

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Olumoroti (Moroti) Soji-George


Olumoroti Soji-George is a curator, film theorist, writer, and educator based in Vancouver, BC. They are an active member of the SFU Black community and recently completed their MA at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts, focusing on contemporary art studies. Olumoroti is the curator at the Black Arts Centre in Surrey, BC, and the artistic director of Gallery Gachet in downtown Vancouver. Their curatorial practice centers around exploring the diverse expressions of Blackness in art and the post-modern perspectives of Black contemporary artists. They also strive to create accessible and community-centered art spaces, challenging the Western status quo and amplifying marginalized voices. Olumoroti is interested in envisioning a police-free future and examining narratives surrounding the Black Male Body. Given his many skills and Black community experience, Olumoroti would provide great insight and leadership for our community.


Obumneme Stanley Dukor

Graduate Student

My name is Obumneme Stanley Dukor, and I am a 2nd-year Master's student in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University, working under the supervision of Professor Yağız Aksoy at the Computational Photography Lab. My academic research is focused on a volumetric video pipeline using a multi-camera capture setup for realistic AI-assisted image editing and movie post-production. Before joining SFU, I received my BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and worked as a machine learning engineer and front-end engineer at Retina-AI Health Inc., where I played a pivotal role in developing deep learning models to classify stages of diabetic retinopathy.

My background isn't just technical; it's grounded in organizing, budgeting, and ensuring financial transparency, crucial skills for the Treasurer role. Moreover, being part of the Black & African Diaspora at SFU, I've observed the challenges our community faces and the boundless potential we carry. My aim is to seamlessly blend the technical and fiscal worlds to best serve our community's needs. Joining the SFU Black Caucus as Treasurer, I wish to merge my analytical and technical skills with the caucus's overarching mission. My goal is to ensure not only financial prudence but also the empowerment of our community. Together, we can bolster a space that celebrates equity, inclusivity, and the profound contributions of our Black and African lineage.

University Administration Relations Officer

Oromyia Ali

Undergraduate Student

Oromyia is a friendly and dedicated community member. She is currently the External Relations Officer of "SFU Student of Caribbean and African Ancestry" (SOCA), a group providing events, advocacy and services for Black students for decades. SFU has benefitted from Oromiya's leadership and kindness and hopes to bring her perspective to Black Caucus.

External Universities and Black Community Relations Officer

Tiara Cash

Graduate Student

Tiara A Cash, MS, MA, MCMA is a PhD student, 2022 Vanier Scholar, and 2023 Dean’s Convocation Medalist at Simon Fraser University where she works with Dr. Lara Aknin in the Helping and Happiness Lab on intersections of life transitions, prosocial behaviors, and well-being. In addition to being a graduate student and researching in the lab, she owns an organization focused on mindfulness, meta-awareness, and meaning (Crowned Vitta LLC) where she conducts presentations, workshops, and consultations through an emerging framework: Equitable Mindfulness. Her career interests include working with traditionally underrepresented and underserved populations within western systems and researching life transitions. She is a Black American woman with Indigenous linages (Mississippi Choctaw & Cherokee descendant), and a former student-athlete who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University and two Masters degrees, one from Western Illinois University in Kinesiology (dual concentration in Sports Psychology and Fitness/Wellness Management) and one in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. During the 2023-2024 school year she will serve as an SFU Diversity Council member and hopes to be your External Universities and Black Community Relations Officer, while continuing to support equity seeking groups on campus.

Actions, Solidarity, and Social Justice Officer

Clemance Bisamu

Undergraduate Student

My name is Clemance Bisamu, a dedicated 4-year Health Science student with a resolute aspiration to foster a more inclusive world where racial harmony thrives, unburdened by prejudice and discrimination. Coming from Africa, my journey to this point has been facilitated by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), igniting within me an unwavering determination to collaborate with and uplift the black community. My commitment is rooted in the conviction that it is imperative to transcend the confines of societal barriers, offering inspiration and motivation to empower individuals within diverse backgrounds. This vision closely aligns with the principles and aspirations of the Black Caucus, an organization whose ideals I deeply resonate with.

In my pursuit of the role of Actions, Solidarity, and Social Justice Officer, I draw upon a wealth of experience garnered through meaningful interactions with black individuals spanning various geographies. Yet, my dedication extends far beyond mere practical familiarity; it is fueled by an innate passion to drive positive change. In this role, I envision leveraging my insights, knowledge, and unwavering enthusiasm to advocate for equitable opportunities, dismantle systemic inequities, and cultivate an environment where social justice thrives. I anticipate the prospect of contributing my skills and passion to the noble cause championed by the Black Caucus. Together, let us embark on a journey towards a brighter future, where unity and equality are the cornerstones of our shared existence.

Academics, Research and Mentorship Officer

Henry Daniel

Distinguished SFU Professor

Distinguished SFU Professor, Professor of Dance, Performance Studies and New Technology, scholar, performer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Full Performing Bodies, Daniel’s research concentrates on strengthening notions of Practice-as-Research (PaR), Arts-based-Research, and Research/Creation in Canada. He leads a group of artists and scholars who help define new parameters for excellence in these areas. He has a professional background in dance, theatre, and new media with a career that started in his native Trinidad  & Tobago and continued in the USA, Germany, the UK, and Canada.

Media Relations Officers

Oromyia Ali

Undergraduate Student

Oromyia is a friendly and dedicated community member. She is currently the External Relations Officer of "SFU Student of Caribbean and African Ancestry" (SOCA), a group providing events, advocacy and services for Black students for decades. SFU has benefitted from Oromiya's leadership and kindness and hopes to bring her perspective to Black Caucus.

Ashley Schultheiss

Staff & Alumnus

Ashley is a Communications and Sociology alumnus from SFU currently working at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as a communicator. Proud of her mixed Mauritian and German heritage, Ashley is a member of the Black and Mixed Vancouver group. She has also served as a member on the Black Caucus nominating committee for its inaugural election. Ashley is excited to be involved in Black Caucus as she has been yearning for Black community ever since moving to Vancouver.


  • Alumni: Ayan Ismail and Natasha Mhuriro
  • Faculty: Joel Akinwumi (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
  • SOCA: Yaye Balde
  • Staff: Ashley Schultheiss (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

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