What is the Course Setup Checklist?

The Course Setup Checklist is to help remember all the steps required in creating a new course in Canvas. 

A course originally starts in an unpublished state allowing instructors to set up the course and ready the content while concealing it from students. Instructors, designers, and administrators can add students, teachers, and TAs to the course. As soon as you’re ready then you can publish your course and make it available to students.

To access the Course Setup Checklist, click on the corresponding button in the right-hand navigation bar.

The Course Setup Checklist will appear within your browser window.

The checklist will guide you through the following tasks:

  • Import content 
  • Add course assignments
  • Add students to the course
  • Select navigation links
  • Choose a course home page
  • Add course calendar events
  • Add TAs to the course

Note: Once you have published a course, it cannot be unpublished once students start making entries. 


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