Getting Started with Turnitin

Instructions below are for creating a new account and registering yourself as a student in a specific class. If you already have an account, you can use it. In that case all you have to do is add the specific class.

If you wish, you may register with Turnitin under a pseudo name and an e-mail address created on a service of your choice (e.g. a Gmail account), which you use to interact with Turnitin in order to remain anonymous. (See the Turnitin section of the SFU Protection of Privacy calendar page for official notice to students of privacy considerations in using Turnitin.) If you exercise this option, it is your responsibility to ensure your instructor knows the pseudo name and e-mail address to use for you in connection with Turnitin.

Note turnitin is not integrated with canvas and you need to go to to submit your assignment.

Joining a class with a new account

You need the class id and class enrollment key from your instructor in order to create the account.

Joining a class using an existing account

See Turnitin documentaton: Enrolling in a class.

  1. Go to: and login.
  2. Select the tab Enroll in a Class and enter the Class ID and Enrollment Password provided by your instructor.