i>Clicker Voting Questions

How do I know if my vote has been received?

You will see a flashing green light which indicates your vote has been received. 

Can I change my response?

You can change your vote as many times as you want until your instructor stops polling.

Do I get graded for my responses?

Your instructor decides how you will be graded for your responses. He/she may assign points for participation or attendance or assign points for correct responses.

What frequency should I use?

Your instructor will notify you what frequency you are using. The default is AA.

How do I change my frequency?

Before you can change frequencies, the i>clicker instructor toolbar must be open. Then, press and hold the power button on the i>clicker remote for 5 seconds. Press the letters of the frequency you want to switch to, i.e. “BB”. You should get a check mark (or green light) on your remote indicating that the frequency change was successful.

Note: i>clicker 2 and i>clicker+ remotes retain their frequency when turned off, whereas, the original i>clicker reverts to “AA” when turned off. 

Why do I see the "No base" message or red light?

Here are 2 reasons:

  • You are not set to the same frequency that your instructor is using.
  • The polling session hasn’t started.

My grades aren’t showing up even though I’ve been using my i>clicker in class.

Did you register your i>clicker using the instructions given to you by your instructor? Did you get a checkmark or green light from your i>clicker remote when you voted? (If not, replace the batteries and make sure you’re on the correct frequency.)