Paul Farnan

Adjunct Professor
Health Sciences


Dr. Paul Farnan has worked in the fields of occupational medicine and addiction medicine for almost thirty years. As well as being a member of the Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada, he is board certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Practice. Over the years he has worked in detoxification and harm reduction programs, as well as several years as the Executive Director of the Physician Health Program of British Columbia.
In his consulting practice he is interested in the harm reduction-treatment-recovery continuum. He is particularly concerned about worker safety, and the interface between occupational medicine, safety sensitive workplaces and safe substance use. He is keen on an evidence-informed approach to substance use disorders and the role that a workplace can play in assisting workers. He is encouraged by emerging recovery-informed workplace cultures, aimed at decreasing barriers such as stigma, and discrimination related to mental illness and substance use.