Implementation Research to Improve Scale-Up of Depression Services in Vietnam (IRIS-DSV)


Recognizing that when effectiveness studies are complete services are often not expanded to reach the people who need them, the CIHR-funded IRIS-DSV study will build on the MAC-FI randomized controlled trial to identify barriers and drivers to the scale-up of depression services in Vietnam in ‘real time’. This study has three goals:

1) To understand what features of the Supported Self-Management (SSM) intervention might prevent or promote its effective delivery,

2) To understand how factors in the social and political context of Vietnam might help or hinder the scale-up of SSM, and

3) To work with government officials to ensure that the results of the study inform policy and planning for SSM delivery.

The findings of this study will lead to improved availability of depression treatment for people in Vietnam and will make an important contribution to global mental health implementation research.


Leena Chau
Research Manager

Dr. John O’Neil
Principal Investigator

Dr. Jill Murphy