Advancing System Responses to Adults, Children & Youth with Concurrent Disorders including Complex Multiple Problems

In April 2002, the government of British Columbia merged policy and long-range planning for the mental health and addiction sectors within the Ministry of Health (MoH), and health authorities were given the responsibility for integrating addictions and mental health planning and service delivery within their regions. At that time, the manner in which the health authorities approached integration had not been evaluated in a systematic manner. The purpose of the project was to provide information on the current status of integration across the health authorities (and within health authorities across health service delivery areas), with an emphasis on identifying practices and initiatives that had enhanced integration, whislt also identifying areas in which there were gaps in service delivery.

The project was to serve to support the evaluation and development of services and policies at the provincial system level related to adults, children and youth with complex multiple problems, including concurrent mental illness and substance use disorders.


BC Ministry of Health


BC Ministry of Health

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