Dementia Projections

In 2006 CARMHA was asked to prepare a basic dementia model that could project dementia cases and costs associated with these cases.  The model was based on data easily accessible and Canadian where possible. 

In 2007 CARMHA was approached to provide a more detailed dementia needs analysis.  As a part of completing this project a more detailed analyses of the prevalence rates was desired.  This document outlines the justification for the prevalence data and other parameters needed to estimate the expected number of dementia cases.  Based on the feedback from expert working groups, an ideal suite of services is outlined. The ideal suite of services is then combined with the case projections to estimate service and costing requirements. 


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Jones, W. Patterson, M.  Khamisa, H.  2007 Dementia Projections for British Columbia:  Prevalence and Case Estimates, Utilization and Cost Estimates.  Prepared for CARMHA Dementia Project and the Ministry of Health (revision of September paper with additional data provided by MoH) November, 2007