Fragmented Families: Understanding the Health and Social Service System Needs Facing Homeless Mothers

The primary objective of this study was to make a substantive contribution to our understanding of the individual and service/provider factors that influence family structure among the growing and highly vulnerable population of homeless families. 

The research aimed to address this objective through:

(1) the development of profiles of the service needs of homeless mothers,

(2) an examination of how service providers respond to these complex needs,

(3) an examination of the decisions, dilemmas and consequences that influence family structure, and

(4) the identification of barriers to the wider use of health and social services by homeless mothers. 


President’s Research Start-Up Grant

Project Start Date:  08/2008

Project End Date:  07/2011


Zabkiewicz, D., Patterson, M., Cox, K.  Fragmented Families:  Understanding the Health and Social Service System Needs Facing Homeless Mothers.  American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC., October, 2011.