Knowledge Translation in Healthcare: The I2I

In partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, CARMHA developed the I2I (Innovation To Implementation) workbook, a step-by-step guide to implementing knowledge translation in healthcare.

Research has established that there is a substantial gap from the time new knowledge is created to when it is put into practice. The field of Knowledge Translation (KT) has emerged as a response to this gap. KT involves interaction between knowledge users and knowledge producers and results in mutual learning through the process of planning, producing, disseminating, and applying existing or new knowledge to enhance the health of Canadians. It is sometimes described as closing the gap between what we know and what we do.  

The I2I is a how-to guide for driving change using KT activities. It is built around the concept of innovation: products, actions, services or relationships that have the potential to enhance health outcomes. The guide illustrates how to move from innovation to implementation in a thoughtful manner to achieve the desired outcomes of a project or initiative. The I2I was developed on the basis of research findings and practical experience, through which it became apparent that a wider range of practices, participants, and types of knowledge need to be incorporated into KT activities.

The I2I delivers a pragmatic approach to KT, with seven steps to follow:

  1. State the purpose of your KT plan.
  2. Select the innovation around which your KT plan will be built.
  3. Specify the actors and actions: who needs to do what differently?
  4. Identify the best agents of change: who should be delivering knowledge about this Innovation?
  5. Design your KT plan.
  6. Implement the plan.
  7. Evaluate.


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