Pharmacoepidemiology Research Hub

British Columbia (BC) is among the few areas throughout the world that have the capacity to systematically address important questions about the safety and optimal use of psychopharmacological agents. Detailed information about every prescription filled in the province for the majority of the population is centrally collected and maintained in a database known as PharmaNet. To facilitate access to this data by all verified health researchers in BC, CARMHA, in partnership with the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network (, developed the Pharmacoepidemiology Research Hub. Envisioned to be a resource for researchers interested in analyzing PharmaNet, the research hub aimed to:

  1. Provide support and advice on the ability of the PharmaNet data to answer the researcher's question(s) of interest.
  2. Develop procedures for requesting PharmaNet Data.
  3. Describe standard procedures for linking data to other data bases.
  4. Develop basic analytic functions.


BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network (


BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network (

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